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Ohio Pug Puppies


I'm interested in a puppy, how do I proceed?


Black or fawn $2000

Silver, brindle, chinchilla, or white $2200

low density Merle(fewer spots) $4500

high density Merle(many spots) $5000

I live far away, how can I get a puppy?

We prefer pickup in person, at my home.

Ground transport- Is possible and can be quoted with your zip code.

Plane- Current flights for puppies are $650 via my puppy flight nanny. Flight costs are down, but the hoops required to get the puppies flown has gone way up. Cost for flights are not set by me, but by the flight nanny. Price may change, and could go down after covid. Inquire for a quote with your nearest airport code.

Contact info

Send me an email, there is an email form at the top of my page, or return to Facebook and send me a message.

How do I know when you will have puppies?

Join my Facebook group Peekaboo Pugs and turn on notifications.

Paid deposits are shown puppies first and then remaining puppies will be posted on the facebook group and here.

Can I be on a list?

My waiting list is a Paid Deposit list.

Pick is in order of deposits received.

It is an organic list that is ever changing. You pay your deposit, if you have any color or gender specification I make a note of it. When I have puppies I show you my availability and you can either choose a puppy or wait for your perfect puppy. You may want a Fawn Female for example. But then one isn't born, you can choose to wait or choose from what has been born. If you pass you maintain your place on the list.

Website Last Updated 3/29/22 Puppies available now!

For those "wanting to be notified" Please join Peekaboo Pugs on Facebook for birth announcements.

Fast responses! I work in hours, not days. Response time is usually never more than a few hours. If you don't hear from me within that time, I probably didn't receive your email/text/voicemail. Availability of puppies can also change very quickly. For the most up to date info please send me a message.

Please inquire on current availability. I'm pregnant and behind on updating the website. Email me directly at [email protected] 

Jade and Katana(pictured below) are littermate sisters